Enjoy the slow life

Masia La Garriga

Peace, tranquility, nature, history, heritage, tradition, family...

Enjoy a ramble through the forest; taste a delicious, freshly-baked homemade pie; discover the traditional way of making wine; watch in wonder a newly born foal; breakfast on freshly-picked, organic tomatoes; get chatting to a friendly shepherd...

La Garriga is a place to live with the land, nature, food, people and family. A place to recover feelings that may be lost over time as we become immersed in the fast-pace of a hectic, modernlifestyle...

La Garriga offers a tranquil spot where country life can be experienced, we can connect to nature, and rediscover peace in the present moment. Welcome!

The family


I remember it was a cold January afternoon when my parents told me that we were going to visit somewhere new, an almost deserted masía that we had bought.

I can perfectly recall that first feeling of space, the surroundings, and the views over the mysterious mountain of Montserrat. The place emanated something incredibly special, which profoundly moved me. The house itself was completely dilapidated: it had no roof, and its facade was totally overgrown with weeds, which were concealing the beautiful original stone structure, so seeped in history.

After several years of work, construction, projects and ideas, La Garriga de Castelladral is today our little paradise in the middle of nature; our home and our work place, where we see our creativity and dreams flourish. It is a meeting ground and point of unity in our family.

In some ways, La Garriga symbolises our values as a family: a love for nature, taking care of the little things, excellence, dedication and commitment, silence, a passion for cooking, healthy food, simplicity, consistency, respect for others and for our surroundings, union and re-connecting with the family.


The Big Terrace


The Big Terrace is one of the most charming places in La Garriga. Measuring 400m2, it is accompanied by The Old Barn, which is independent from the main house. The magnificent views make the Big Terrace a spectacular natural balcony overlooking the Montserrat mountain and the surrounding areas.

Formerly a place where grain was handled and treated, it is now a unique setting to enjoy the unforgettable sunsets.


The Old Barn


Just as the name indicates, this was the Old Barn, located alongside The Big Terrace, which we have converted into the hotel's dining room. Its stone walls and beautiful views over Montserrat, make it a truly intimate, warm and charming spot.

It is also an ideal location to hold meetings or small celebrations. Along with the main room, the restaurant's kitchen is also used to host cooking courses for groups.


The Old Press Room


The Old Press Room was formerly used for the production of olive oil, and we have converted it into the masia's living room. We have conserved the original grinding stone and olive press, which both date back to the XIX century.

Several years ago, the inhabitants of La Garriga, used the stone mill to grind the olives. The mill, which is still present in the room, was moved by a donkey, which used its strength to crush the olives into a paste. This paste was consequently separated into various layers within the fiber disks and pressed to obtain the olive oil.

The olive oil press has been fully conserved, and displays the inscription, “Joan Alsina 1858”, the former owner who had this beautiful antique built. The lounge area located between the press and grinding stone, is furnished with large, comfy sofas and rustic fittings, offering a warm and pleasant ambience.

In winter, the fireplace creates a perfect shelter from the cold, and the chance enjoy the welcome feeling of being completely at home...
In summer, the thick stone walls add a wonderful freshness to enjoy a quiet moment with a book, time away from it all…


The Library


The masía's library is an intimate, comfortable space, with an wide selection of books to browse.
Warm colours make it an ideal spot to read, rest and let time drift by among the book shelves.

The room is completely sound-proof, and as such is wonderfully calm, whether you wish to focus or switch off completely. We recommend the library as a great place to host small meetings. The room is fitted with WIFI and a projection screen. 


The Wine Cellar


The original wine cellar is still home to the enormous wooden storage vats, dating back to 1748, when the house was dedicated to the production of wine.

The arrival of the phylloxera plague in France destroyed the majority of the French vineyards, and it was at this moment, towards the end of the XIX century when the house was at its prime in wine production. The vats that are still conserved in the wine cellar are a reminder of one of the most interesting periods of the masía’s history.

Since 2010 the old cellar of the house has been restored as the hotel bar, our "Honesty Bar". Here you will be able to enjoy our selection of wines, spirits, coffees and teas... and serve yourself at any time, as you where at home.

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