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History / Sustainability

We are aware of and responsible for our surroundings

La Garriga de Castelladral is located in a unique natural setting, and it is a huge incentive to take special care of our environment.

We have restored a masia from ruins, located in an area of low population density, where cattle farming and agriculture are the most important economic activities. The reconstruction and development of the masia have brought great wealth to the area. We promote responsible tourism, and encourage our clients to appreciate the natural surroundings of the local area. We offer natural tourism, including hiking and cycling excursions to local villages, to discover the local culture, customs and people.

The original construction of the Masía dates back hundreds of years, and it was completely sustainable. Everything needed for its construction was sourced in the local area: the stones used to build the walls, the wooden beams, which hold up the ceilings, the earth to produce bricks and ceramic tiles, the wood used to bake the tiles. It all came from the local area or was sourced very close by (petrol had not yet been discovered).

As we restored the house, we have taken the very same principle into account, and have used the same materials as the original structure, sourced from the closest areas possible. We have also worked with local craftsmen and builders in its construction.

We have improved the roof insulation for greater energy savings. The southern orientation of the house, small openings and large porches are wonderful, passive energy-saving measures, which we have enhanced by adding deciduous climbing plants to cover the southern facade during the summer months.

We wish to offer to our clients the greatest possible comfort, and have thus installed the most innovative techniques with renewable, non-contaminating energy which fully respects the environment.

The use of solar panels allows us to offer electric energy, whilst the central heating system in the Masía is produced by geo-thermic energy, providing warmth in winter and fresh air in the summer. Firewood is collected from the local forest to heats the communal areas, and we also participates in forest maintenance. (More information)

Our vegetable garden is completely ecological, and we use horse manure fertiliser. We produce our own honey, created by the bees which source an area completely free of any kind of chemical fertiliser.

We collect rainwater to fill the cistern, water deposits and the pond, which provides irrigation for the vegetable garden and gardens. More than one million litres of water has been collected, and this storage also serves as a cautionary measure to protect the forests in the case of forest fire.

Finally, we use natural, ecological and environmentally-friendly soaps in the house.

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