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A little SPA to enjoy in private

La Garriga’s Wellness SPA is spacious and warmly-decorated, and its stone walls depict its viticultural history. It is a space to be enjoyed in complete privacy, with your partner or family.

We invite you to enjoy the following facilities at our little Wellness SPA:

Swimming pool/Jacuzzi
Water is a completely natural medium. We are water, and were originally aquatic beings. Bathing is a truly healing experience, for relaxation and beauty, a natural bubble of oxygen to escape from our daily routine. Discover the pleasure of water cascades, hydromassage beds and water jets.

Heat is the healing soul of a sauna. The sauna acts on the body, and brings with it a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, at a temperature ranging from 80 to 90º with minimum humidity of under 5%. The sauna improves blood circulation, and its relaxing effect on the muscles can help to reduce anxiety and stress, so often a part of our daily lives.

Steam bath
Steam baths are as ancient and wise as the primary civilisations to have inhabited the earth. The use of steam, used to soothe the body, brings with it a wonderful sensation of relaxation and integral wellbeing. Steam and humidity are beneficial for respiratory conditions, problems of joint mobility, insomnia, treating dry skin and as a tonic for low spirits.

Water cascade in a former wine storage vat
The shower is the ideal complement to the sauna and steam bath, as a basic contrast for body temperature. The sauna offers a first stage of warmth, with its corresponding physical and psychological relaxation. The shower is the healthy contrast to encourage the correct cooling process of the skin. This sudden change in temperature encourages contraction of the blood vessels.

To use the SPA, it is necessary to make a booking.

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