Enjoy the slow life

The Hotel

Preparations and rest

The Ceremony - The Ritual
The Ceremony
The Ritual
The Aperitif - Sharing
The Aperitif
The Wedding Reception - Celebrating
The Wedding Reception

The Suite Room

The Suite is a gift from us, so you can enjoy a well-deserved rest after a long day full of emotions. It is the most special room in the house. Facing south, from its beautiful terrace you can see the impressive sunrise, with the golden lights and the songs of the birds, which remind us of the abundant life in the forest.

During the Wedding day, the Suite welcomes the bride for all the preparations: hair and make-up, putting on (finally) that special dress, sharing these moments with the most important people, going out to the terrace to breathe fresh air, feeling the emotions on the surface...

The next morning, you can enjoy a delicious eco breakfast prepared with love in the Old Barn of the house, while sharing the anecdotes of your big day.


Other rooms

The country house has 20 rooms. They are all different, created with great care by our Family and with the help of local artisans. We highlight the high quality of its materials and natural fibres, sustainable with the environment. In each room, there is a piece of art or a special element that makes it unique: a red piano, a mural by Paula Bonet, the drawings of our grandfather...

In the old building, there are the first eight rooms that we built, full of history and authenticity. In the area of the Olive Grove there are the other twelve rooms that we built later, with great spaciousness, light and extraordinary views of nature.



Enjoying La Garriga

Resting in the rooms of our hotel, enjoying a delicious healthy breakfast in the Old Barn, starting the day with a yoga class that will help us stay calm throughout the day, walking through the forest, enjoying a barbecue with friends the day before or after the wedding, relaxing in the intimate SPA of the house where wine was once produced, sharing and celebrating in the middle of nature...

We feel that getting married at La Garriga goes beyond enjoying an event. The house, its spaces and our surroundings allow us to welcome you and your family to live a beautiful memory in your life.

La Garriga symbolizes our values as a family: love for nature, the delicacy of small things, excellence, dedication, silence, passion for cooking, healthy eating, simplicity, constancy, respect for people and the environment, union and family reunion.




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