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A world of sensations

The restaurant is located in the old barn of the house, with amazing views over the Montserrat mountain.

Our cuisine is traditional with a contemporary vision. We always use fresh local produce. We have our own organic vegetable garden, which provides delicious vegetables. Oil and the wine are supplied from our region and we have our own bees that produce rosemary honey.

We offer a dinner service (advanced booking) and a picnic service for lunch. The hotel breakfast is a delightful experience for all the senses.

Our Chef


Albert Lopez Hosta is our wonderful Chef. He is extremely creative and passionate about his work, and takes pride in traditional and seasonal cuisine. From the age of 5 onwards he spent time in his grandparents’bar, and was later part of David García’s team for three years.

His renewed traditional-style cuisine maintains the simplicity and authenticity of natural fresh produce, and he opts to cook free-range poultry, raised and bred in freedom, prepared according to his grandmother's traditional roasting recipe.

As well as cooking, Albert looks after the masía’s vegetable garden, which provides much of the produce served at our table.


Dinner & Lunch


The restaurant is located in the Old Barn with beautiful views over the Montserrat mountain.

Our dinners offer a selection of our Chef Albert’s dishes and seasonal produce. A renewed traditional cuisine where fresh market produce is the central feature. Many of the products you will taste come from the masía’s organic vegetable garden.

We offer a menu of 35€/person (Wines & caffees not included in the price)

* All restaurant services must be booked in advance.
* Lunch service only on Saturdays and Sundays (other days we offer the Picnic option).
* If you are not staying at our hotel you may also dine at the house.
* We prepare special menus for gluten intolerances and vegetarians (please inform us of your requirements).


Eco-gourmet breakfast


Do you remember the smell of the tomatoes you ate when you were little?
Do you remember the exquisite taste of the cakes your grandmother baked?
Do you remember local honey and cottage cheese?
Do you remember cutting your own fresh hot bread topped with a copper crust?

At La Garriga del Castelladral our food will allow you to rediscover many different feelings and sensations. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and incredibly important for our health and wellbeing. As such, it is of great importance at La Garriga.

Our breakfast is served with fresh local produce: the bees at the masía produce exquisite rosemary honey, our chef makes home-made sponge cake and fruit jams, and our neighbour provides her farm’s cottage cheese. Our bread is organic, and freshly-baked every day…these are just some of the delicious gems served at our table each morning. 




We would like to present our specially-prepared Picnic service for guests.

The Picnic is a healthy and informal option for guests to enjoy a meal in the very heart of the countryside, taking a walk through the country, and time to explore the surrounding area. It is also a take-away option for guests planning a day excursion.

Our salads are full of vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. They are presented by layers favors, the order in which it is necessary to consume food for proper digestion. Our salads are an explosion of colors, flavors and textures. We also offer different types of sadwiches made with our organic delicious bread. To finish some healthy dessert options.

We offer a wide list of dishes that can be combined and prepared in individual bags for easy transportation. The Picnic service is offered for lunch time and can be ordered at reception at breakfast, before 11.30am.

You can see different PICNIC options here:

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