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Hotel and SPA rates

Hotel rates
Hotel rates

Hotel rates

See below for our rates:

  • Room Suite325 €/night
  • Room Smallest125 €/night
  • Room Arch237 €/night
  • Room The Biggest273 €/night
  • Room Roofs237 €/night
  • Room Sabina237 €/night
  • Room India197 €/night
  • Room Horses197 €/night
  • Room Wool273 €/night
  • Room Wine273 €/night
  • Room Oil273 €/night
  • Room Wood273 €/night
  • Room Wheat273 €/night
  • Room Honey273 €/night
  • Room Sheep237 €/night
  • Room Grape237 €/night
  • Room Olive237 €/night
  • Room Forest237 €/night
  • Room Seed237 €/night
  • Room Flower237 €/night

  • Extra adult (+12 years old)57 €/night
  • Extra children (3-12 years old)37 €/night
  • Extra baby (0-3 years old)27 €/night
(prices include eco-gourmet breakfast)

Meals and drinks
  • Dinner *43 €/person
  • Children menu18 €/person
  • Extra eco-gourmet breakfast22 €/person
  • Extra eco-gourmet breakfast childs11 €/person
  • Picnics7/15 €/person
  • Bottle of cava20 €
* does not include wine

Packs and other
  • Privat SPA for couple 50'75 €
  • Family/group SPA 50' (Max. 4 people)100 €
  • Massage 50'90 €/person
  • Gin-tonics Workshop29 €/person
  • Wine tasting Workshop29 €/person
  • Oil tasting Workshop 22 €/person
  • Private yoga class 90' (from 1 to 3 people)87 €29 €/extra person
  • Electric bike rental (price per person and half-day35 €/person
  • Cava and chocolate35 €
SPA rates
SPA rates

SPA rates

Our SPA service works as follows:

· Private SPA, exclusively for your room.
· The SPA should be booked in advance.
· The SPA session is 50 minutes.
· Price: 75€ / couple
· Price family/group use: 100€ (Max. 4 people)

If you would like to book our SPA service please call us at (0034) 93 868 22 50 or send us an email to info@masialagarriga.com.

We will provide you with bathrobe, towels, slippers and shower cap.
Inside the SPA you will be able to enjoy our small selection of teas and infusions.

We look forward to seeing you!
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