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Here you can see the activities, workshops and retreats we have organized for the following months.  For any questions please contact us at  info@masialagarriga.com or call us at (0034) 938 682 250.

December 2023

Friday 15 December 2023 to Sunday 17 December 2023
CIRCLE: Yoga Retreat by Veronica Blume
  • This retreat is a very special occasion to come together, to create a space to connect with all that the year has offered us, all the doors it has opened in us and how we choose to occupy this moment of opportunity.

    Guided by the wonderful Veronica Blume and surrounded by so much nature, we will live a powerful yet gentle, beautiful and fluid experience that will transform the way you enter the last part of the year and start the New Year.

    A weekend of nature, consciousness and harmony.
    The program includes respectful Yoga, ceremonies and dynamics that will move you so you can return to the stillness that allows you the clarity of your vision.
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Sunday 24 December 2023
9:30h - 13:00h: Yoga & Brunch: "My Intention for 2024"
  • Enjoy this amazing Yoga workshop with Georgina Riera. During the class we will practice Yoga Flow, Meditation and a beautiful ritual to say thank you to the past year, and to draw our purposes and objectives for the New Year.

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Saturday 30 December 2023 to Monday 1 January 2024
New yeah's eve 2023
  • A very special stay to say goodbye to 2023 in an intimate way, surrounded by Calm and Nature. A pause, full of pleasures for your senses, to welcome the new year.

    Our Chef has prepared a very special New Year's Eve dinner, created with local and organic products from small producers of our land.

    We are waiting for you at La Garriga to celebrate one of the most beautiful days of the year.
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January 2024

Saturday 20 January 2024
10:30 - 18:00 h : Men's circle: living with purpose
  • Do you sometimes feel that you lack vitality and energy in your daily life? Do you question your purpose and what guides you in this life? Do you feel like you lack spaces where you can share and interact with other men safely and without prejudice? You are not alone, there are more men already walking a path of integrity, strength and direction, guiding those around them from their hearts.

    Through active meditations, breath work, physical movements and confrontational exercises, you will connect with all aspects of your being. You will connect with your primal instinct and feel more grounded, centered and confident in your own abilities.
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February 2024

Saturday 3 February 2024 to Sunday 4 February 2024
RETREAT - Reconnecting with your couple by Miriam Tirado
  • Enjoy a weekend to reconnect as a couple, a deserved break to continue working as a Family"

    Do you want a weekend for the both of you, to look one after another, talk and love without interruptions?

    Miriam Tirado, a journalist specialized in maternity and paternity, has organised a very special weekend in our Masia. Often, after a child’s arrival, the ‘couple’ itself stays aside, and we sometimes don’t have the time and the space that we need as a couple. From this starting point, Miriam has prepared this weekend: two days to spend as a couple, to be conscious about the journey and see how it has to continue.

    In this retreat there will be time to be alone, together, enjoying the amazing surroundings and the masia’s facilities, also being accompanied by Miriam. The main goal is clear: reconnect as a couple. A weekend to enjoy together!
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March 2024

Friday 22 March 2024 to Saturday 23 March 2024
Retreat: "A flower of the soul" with Nina da Lua
  • Next 20th March we begin a new cycle inside and outside our skin.
    Spring breaks though and with it awakens the seeds that we have been delicately nuturing during the silence of winter,
    we have been nuturing during the silence of winter.

    A 'new cyclical year' is dawning within us full of sparkles, beauty and possibilities.

    And at Masía la Garriga, with Nina da Lua, we want to go through this poetic beginning
    with you and your inner Earth with a wish: That, 'whichever path you choose, fill your soul with flowers'.
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